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We are ordained ministers, registered to perform legal weddings in Minnesota and surrounding states. Our goal is to help couples to wed as they desire, not as tradition may demand and with that we believe in complete freedom in one’s beliefs, practices and spirituality. We hold no bias as to race, religion, or lifestyle and therefore are free to help you express your love and commitment to each other in the way that is most meaningful to you.

We are committed to helping people in their desire to join their lives matrimonially without the pre-conceived ideas and beliefs, not to mention the often inflated prices, often found in the wedding industry.

Our Officiants

Rev. Susan Lee-Wright - Owner
Rev Susan Lee-Wright Affordable I Dos
Rev. Susan Lee-Wright

Certified Premarital Counselor

I founded Perfect Day Ceremonies & Affordable I Do’s in 2005 to provide couples with a reliable and creative wedding officiant outside of the traditional church setting. My experiences as a writer, choreographer, producer, and director enhance my skill for envisioning and creating ceremonies. I focus on your individual personalities as well as the dynamics of your relationship throughout the process of creating your ceremony. I will strive to enhance the vision that you have for your ceremony by making suggestions designed to aid your creative process while staying true to who you are and how you feel.

As your officiant, I will communicate to your guests, your love and devotion to each other. I will also ensure that every aspect of the ceremony itself is as smooth, stress-free, and enjoyable as possible. To that end, I take charge of the ceremony aspects and participants professionally and graciously at both the rehearsal and ceremony. I am careful to alleviate confusion and stress along with any other negativity that may be present to ensure that your wedding day is indeed a Perfect Day!

Associate Officiants

Reverend Julie Ann Schauer

Rev. Julie Ann Schauer

Certified Premarital Counselor

Rev. Jan Joseph

Reverend Andrew Nilsen

Rev. Andrew Nilsen

Reverend Daniel Edmondson

Rev. Daniel Edmondson

Reverend Don Shier

Rev. Don Shier

Rev. José Antonio Machado

Rev. José Antonio Machado

Certified Premarital Counselor
Spanish-speaking – Habla español
Reverend Dr. Marggi Pleiss-Sippola

Rev. Dr. Marggi Pleiss-Sippola

Certified Premarital Counselor
Based in Northfield, MN

Rev. Mark Dietrich

Rev. Sid Korpi

Rev. Sid Korpi

Rev. Bernard Akem

Rev. Bernard Akem


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