Sample Ceremony

We have an extensive collection of ceremony options and ideas to assist in creating the “Perfect” ceremony for each couple! Here is an overview of the elements commonly included in a wedding ceremony as well as a sample of ceremony text to give you an idea of the possibilities!


Ceremony Overview: This is a general list of ceremony components and order.

  • Giving of the Bride (optional)
  • Greeting
  • Honoring of Parents (optional)
  • Remembrance (optional)
  • Prayer (optional)
  • Reading
  • Wedding Message
  • Declaration of Intent
  • Vows
  • Blessing of rings
  • Giving of Rings
  • Unity Ceremony: (optional)
  • Reading: (optional)
  • Closing Blessing
  • Pronouncement of Marriage
  • Presentation of Couple 


Opening Greeting:
We are gathered here today (Optional: in the sight of God) to witness and celebrate the joining together of ________ and ________ in marriage. By their decision to marry they are saying yes to love, yes to commitment and yes to forever! This is a truly special day for ________ and ________, one they will never forget! It is the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their lives and they are very thankful that you are here to share this defining moment with them. (Optional May the spirit of God fill our hearts, bless our souls, and inspire our minds or May our hearts be filled, our souls touched, and our minds inspired) as we witness this powerful union!


Other inclusions for opening:

  • Honoring of Parents
  • Remembrance
  • Prayer


Reading: Choose from our collection or submit one of your own


Wedding Message: Choose from our collection of themes and we will customize and personalize it for you.

Each union that is created out of the right intentions gives rise to the ability to experience life fuller and richer not only for the two in the union but for their surroundings, family and friends and the whole Universe! For two people coming together in alignment with their beliefs and faiths, willing to share and create a common future; marriage is not a ceremony but an ongoing commitment and a process.

Each day of the rest of your lives you will make choices. You will choose whether to be kind and patient with each other. You will choose whether to find fault or whether to be forgiving. It is only through that commitment that you can discover true intimacy in which the hidden parts of yourselves are permitted to come forth, find acceptance, and help you become whole.

Marriage is the promise made and kept between two people with intentions of trusting, supporting and loving each other. It will help you to grow as individuals, as well as a couple, and allow you to see each other as your soul sees them – as beautiful and powerful spirits of Light. You will now make that promise in the reciting of your vows to each other.


Vows: Can be done in a combination of ways including the “I do” version, a “repeat after” version or write a personal vow for one another.

 I ________,  take you ________,  as my wife/husband. I promise to respect and love you.  To support you and care for you. To be your best friend as well as your loving husband/wife. As fortune may smile, as challenges may come, I will be the shoulder you can lean on and the rock that stands by you. I promise to love you all the days of my life.


Call for Rings:  May we have the now rings please?


Ring Blessing: Many options to choose from!
These rings symbolize the sacred commitment made by each of you today for they represent the unending circle of life. Let their strength and beauty serve to remind you that your love is also unending and strong enough to withstand whatever may come. May your love, like these rings, shine brightly all the days of your life together.


Ring ExchangeTypically done with a repeat after vow such as this.
I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness.  As I place it on your finger, I forever join my life with yours.


Optional Unity CeremonyWe offer a great variety of ideas for Unity and Handfasting ceremonies.


When the two of you first met you found a place where life slowed down for you long enough for you to see and to discover something that not merely opened your eyes but awakened your hearts. Today you stand here committing to each other; giving the most beautiful gift anyone can give, the gift of yourself. As you continue your journey together may you carry with you the memory of this day and the blessings we all wish for you… as expressed through the words of this beautiful wedding blessing:


Closing Blessing: We have a wonderful collection of blessings to choose from including the popular Benediction of the Apache’s.
Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter for the other. Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other. Now there will be no loneliness, for each of you will be companion for the other. Now though you are two persons, there is only one life before you. May beauty surround you both in your journey ahead and through all your years. May happiness be your companion and may your days together be good and long upon the earth.


Pronouncement of Marriage:
________ and ________ you have formed your beautiful union in love, friendship and respect for one another. Today you have shared this moment and these promises with your family and friends as a symbol of that deep and abiding love Therefore, it is my honor and great pleasure to pronounce you as husband and wife.


, you may kiss your Bride! (or Groom!)
You may now share your first kiss of marriage!


Presentation of Newlywed Couple:
We offer different options for this ranging from traditional to casual to suit every preference! Contact us to learn more about our options.